Eating Healthy is Important

Securing and distributing nutritious food to the clients we serve is an important part of the mission of the West Seattle Food Bank. Every week during the peak of the growing season the West Seattle Food Bank will receive 400 Ė 1,000 pounds of fresh produce donated by local farmerís and gardenerís. We are lucky to have so many committed partners helping us provide fresh, wholesome food to the struggling families we serve


The West Seattle Food Bank and Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), have completed a mixed-use facility that combines affordable housing with a new food bank.


West Seattle Food Bank

3419 SW Morgan Street
Seattle, Washington 98126
(206) 923-9023
West Seattle Food Bank is a not-for-profit organization providing food, education on nutrition and related services to families and individuals in West Seattle. Originally called the Junction Community Food Bank, we were started by a local couple in 1981 to help distribute government commodities. We currently provide food to over 3,600 individuals each month.

Last year the West Seattle Food Bank responded to over 30,000 requests for food from families in this community. 35% of family visits included children under 18, and 23% included seniors over 55.

We also provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Home delivery to elderly and disabled individuals
  • Baby food, formula, supplies
  • Toddler bags
  • Pet food
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Gardening information and supplies
  • Voter registration
  • Information and referrals to other social services

Volunteers Beatrice and JoAnn at West Seattle Food Bank