"Serving our Community with Hospitality and Respect"

The FOOD BANK @ St. Mary's

611 20th Ave. S.
Seattle, Washington 98144
(206) 324-7100 x18
Email: info@thefbsm.org
Website: www.thefbsm.org

The Food Bank at St. Mary’s is a supplemental food program committed to the fight against hunger. We have been operating in Seattle’s Central District for over 65 years, serving Seattle families with free nutritious food.  In addition to our walk-in program, we have a home delivery service  which delivers food to our homebound customers.

Other programs include no-cook bags of food for people without access to cooking facilities, hygiene supplies for both the walk-in and home delivery customers, and a baby corner. We also provide our customers referrals to other services.

The Food Bank @St. Mary's provides formula, diapers and clothing to our littlest customers through our baby cupboard program.

“Hospitality Means You Care How People Feel”

Hospitality is a virtue cultivated since the time of St. Benedict, in the shadows of the fallen Roman Empire.  What does it look like today, on the streets of Seattle, in our era of unraveling social ties and economic hard times?