Moving Beyond the Band Aid to Eliminate Hunger
In 2000, Federation member programs increased the well-being and self-sufficiency of low-income people in Seattle by responding to over 150,000 requests for groceries, serving 10,000 hot meals, making 12,000 deliveries to the homebound, providing gardening instruction, translating materials, purchasing culturally-relevant seeds and offering P-Patch garden space.

Emergency food programs were meant to be temporary measures for feeding people during hard times; however, these programs have become permanent fixtures in our community. While many of us celebrate an improved economy, it has little or no positive effect on some of our neediest neighbors.

Having an adequate food supply is a critical first step to health and livelihood. Federation member programs work hard to provide nutritious food and services to meet requests as the demand grows. While striving to assist people with more than a bag of groceries, we also offer education and training to move Beyond the Band Aid in our efforts to end hunger.

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