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Thanks to support from workplace campaigns, the Food Resource Network Federation members are able to address hunger needs, to assist low income people in moving out of the emergency food system


Emergency Food Needs

The Food Resource Network Federation (FRNF) is a federation of five major food banks, a home delivery food service, and a community garden advisory and support group. FRNF members provide foods for those with special dietary needs, infant food and supplies, gardening instruction and seeds, hot meals, instruction on healthy food preparation and referrals for those needing additional services.
Community Support Makes it Work

Work place giving provides the mainstay of the Food Resource Network Federation support. Last year over $80,000 was raised for member programs to purchase food and direct services. 
Those who donate know that they are now part of the solution. They are providing the most basic need of all--FOOD to vulnerable people. Plus, they are helping those same folks become more self-sufficient.

Because of those donors, children are now sleeping sweetly who would have tossed all night in misery; they can now listen in school because mom served breakfast. Mom goes to school, too; she was referred to her program by the workers at the food bank.

"Beyond the Band Aid" . Workplace giving, directed to the Federation, is where this spiral of recovery begins. The Federation is a truly grassroots organization comprised of five food banks, a home delivery service, and a community garden group. It relies upon the support of the community to help move its programs "Beyond the Band Aid" .
Linking Gardens with Food Banks

GROW gardeners throughout the city provide home grown organic produce to people in need. Follow the path the food takes from garden to kitchen.

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